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P5000, Centura5200 DPS, DPS+ chamber retrofit &

Lam Etcher retrofit & Parts overhaul

        1) System conversion TCP 9600 to TCP 9600SEII
        2) System conversion RB 4520 to RB 4420 (Rainbow)
        3) System conversion Clamp system to ESC system
            (Rainbow &TCP)

AMAT Mirra Stand alone & On-trak and
         Mirra Mesa Series Refurbishment, Relocation &
         Wafer type conversion “notch” to “flat” & 6” to 8”

Process Kit supply

EBARA CMP EPO, F-REX 200 Series Refurbishment,
         Size Conversion, Head upgrade, Finger, Pusher &
         Roller available - Process Kit supply

IPEC CMP 372, 472 and 776 Relocation and
          Refurbishment, Parts supply

AMAT Endura5500 Relocation and its Chamber Retrofit

AMAT Centura5200, Producer and its Chamber Retrofit
         Mattson SHS2000, 2800 Refurbishment

Parts overhaul & Process Kit supply

Edward & Ebara Pump overhaul

Refurbishment & 2nd source parts supply

Hitachi S-8820, 8840, 9200 Refurbishment & Relocation

OP series